Easter in the Great Southern

Its Easter in the Great Southern.  The highways are very busy.  The caravan parks are full.  People are away for the school holidays, or have had family come visit them down here.  Families are taking their last break before seeding begins.  Its quite a busy time of year.

And in all of this, even for Christians, Easter can get overlooked.

Not the chocolate eggs.

But Jesus.  The forgiveness of sins.  The hope of new life.  It can get missed.

With all the things we try to cram into Easter, or try to avoid at Easter, we need to slow down and take time to remember that Jesus died, paying for our sins so we could be forgiven, and rose to new life with the promise that all who love him will join him for eternity.

This is worth stopping to think about.  Taking time to reflect on what we need to change to follow Jesus more faithfully.  Because every year we end up forgetting things, slipping into bad habits, or getting too busy to stop and remember Jesus and the changes he brings in our lives.

The fact that forgiveness lies at the heart of the Christian identity.

That transformation must follow forgiveness, as we think about the fact that we are called to put Jesus first in all things.  That we are called to stop sinning.  To love others.  And to do so without fear because death is not the end for all who love Jesus.

What did Jesus die to change in you?  How can you honour Jesus for his death in your place?  How is your faith in and love for Jesus displays in your life?  Can people see that you put Jesus first?  How do you make his life visible in your life?  What are you working on changing (with the Spirit’s help) to make you more like Jesus?

These are things that we should stop and think about at Easter.  And remember to do so with thanks to the God who loved you so much that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but will inherit eternal life.

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