Who is our hope?

One things that Christians seem to be as susceptible to as everyone else is pinning our hopes on politics.

We look to particular politician or parties or political commentators to back in order to make Australia the way we want it to be (more Christian).  Despite the fact that you can’t compel anyone into the Kingdom of God.  Despite the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘Christian country’, no matter what kind Christian involvement or influence has brought about our current culture.  We love to be told that politics can deliver what we want.

And its a false hope.  Because only Jesus can transform a person’s heart and bring them into the unity with other Christians – into the church.

Not the state, but the church.

When I was a new Christian, I could not understand why all Christians didn’t get behind just one ‘Christian’ party and then we could really fix Australia.  A real blending (and bastardising) of faith and political power.  I put thought into the different web-sites that advocated a ‘Christian flag’ and whether we should adopt one at our church (this was some time and a number of cities ago).  I couldn’t comprehend that Christians might disagree on political policies.

And yet we do.  Because they are not central to the gospel.  There is no ‘right’ answer to many political problems, and it is wickedly divisive to say that there is.  And reflecting on the different policy statements of Christian political parties should make that abundantly clear.

So whether it is Corey Bernardi, or Australian Christians, or the Liberal Party, or the Labor Party, or anyone else, we should not give them too much allegiance, or think they have more power than they do.  They might make life easier or worse for us as Christians.  They might or might not be popular among the general population.  But they cannot save us from our sin.  They cannot make Australia Christian.  They cannot make God happier with our country.

Our hope should be in Jesus alone.

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