The World is Ending?

Over and over in different news reports and predictions and opinion pieces I am seeing and hearing and reading that the world is ending.  Those dramatic words aren’t used like that, but its the point it seems everyone wants you to know.  That Trump will start a war with China.  Or Russia.  Or whoever.  That Trump marks the end of democracy, that Trump has destroyed truth, Trump has destroyed decency … it goes on and on.  Almost everyone wants to believe that the world and politics was a wonderful, peaceful, gentle place until just last year when Trump decided to enter politics.

And the fact that all of this in nonsense should be obvious to all.  Trump may well be different in degree to politicians or presidents before him, but the world isn’t now somehow just becoming dangerous or bad.  This is the way it has been, and has always been.

Because of sin.  Because people, all people, think they don’t need God, or know better than God, or can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong.

Trump isn’t the disaster we need to worry about.  Sin is.

There are always going to be sinful people, sinful leaders, unwise leaders.  In big countries and little countries.  At a national level and a local level.  To pretend that this isn’t the case, or that something new is now at hand, is just blatant fear mongering.

The good news is that there is a cure for sin.  Jesus.

Jesus is the one we need to hope in.  Not Trump.  Or anyone opposed to Trump.  Our concern needs to be to place our hope in Jesus, not in anything or anyone else.  Whether the world is ending or not.

Its only Jesus who can save you from sin.  And its only Jesus who should occupy your attention.

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