The Sun is Back

The sun is back out.  Yesterday and today.  And it is making me wonder just how long it has been since we have had a sunny day.  While there must have been several over this winter, it doesn’t feel like it.

The very presence of the sun makes me feel more optimistic, more enthusiastic, and it gives me more energy to want to do things.

And this reminds me of what it is like to know the Son.  Knowing that Jesus is there, that he is trustworthy, and that no matter what happens I am secure in his love, makes me that bit more hopeful, optimistic and enthusiastic.  The presence of Jesus is like the sun – his warmth radiates out and he changes our outlook.  Just like the presence of the sun after a long and cloudy winter.

But unlike the sun, you don’t get sick of the Son, and wish he’d be less present, less warm, and that something would come along and provide some relief. The is the way we feel about the sun at the end of summer.  But the only people who feel that way about Jesus are those who don’t know him, or don’t understand him.

Jesus made the promise that anyone who was burdened could come to him, lay down their load, take up trusting an following him, and find that his “yoke is easy, and his burden light”.  Its the offer to look at what Jesus has to offer, and see if it isn’t superior to what you have already.  Not as a way of getting richer, but to experience life in a more satisfying and less demanding way.

This isn’t what many non-Christians think that Jesus is all about.  It would come as a surprise to many of them.  Maybe you could think about a way of introducing them to Jesus, the person who relieves our burdens and makes life better for us.

Like the presence of the sun at the end of a cloudy winter.

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