Olympic Priorities

We all need an obligatory thought on the Olympics, don’t we?  After all, they are on the TV for a fortnight, its the most expensive event on earth, and it involves all people getting together.  Or something like that.

I have to confess that I haven’t watched any of it (bar sitting in someone else’s lounge room for 30 minutes while it was playing in the background).  I haven’t seen clips on the news.  I don’t know how many medals we have won.  I don’t know what medals we have won.  You may be able to tell that I don’t actually watch the news on TV, and skip vast sections of the paper on the odd occasion I read one.

This is not to boast – its to make a point.  That we all make decisions about what we prioritise.  And each and every year there is something that comes along which we add to our schedules – just like the Olympics.  If you have been watching any of it, ask yourself whether you have added more TV to you schedule over the Olympic period, and what you have sacrificed to fit it in.

Whether it is a new friend, a new hobby, a new sport or activity for the kids, a new TV show, taking your turn on some committee or other, we add new activities to our lives all the time.  Sometimes we just get busier, and it eventually takes a toll.  Sometimes we make a decision to replace one thing with another.  But most often, we just let new things crowd out the old things without really thinking about it.

And all too often, its God who gets crowded out.  Because God isn’t there being advertised on TV.  We don’t hear him being promoted on the radio.  He isn’t phoning us, or sending us emails.  He isn’t the topic of conversation at work or the club.  So he can easily get crowded out by new things.

This is where we really need to assess our priorities.  Remind ourselves who we are – sinners who are loved and redeemed by God, a new creation, spiritually born to know and love the one who saved us.  And make time for God.  Instead of letting him be crowded out.  This doesn’t mean you made a mistake watching the Olympics.  It means think carefully about what you have dropped to make the time to do it.

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