The Two Plus Two Equals Four Plebiscite

I think this is an important idea to get our heads around, and understand the issue of same sex ‘marriage’ for what it is and means – without going overboard.

Stephen McAlpine

Language is theological.  And since it is theological it is moral.  Language is the gift of a speaking God who created us as speaking beings in order to speak with him and with each other.  One of the beautiful aspects of the Genesis account of creation is that what God says becomes.  In other words God says “let this happen” and it does, exactly the way he intends it to. Singularly pure, essentially divine language achieves exactly what it sets out to achieve. There is no dissonance between the words and the results of the words.

This correlation between language and what it achieves is then demonstrated in the as yet pure human, Adam.  God brings the animals to Adam in order for him to name them – a language act in which whatever name Adam gives to the animal, “that was its name” (Gen 2:19).

And something more is going…

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