Why did God let it happen this way?

If God knew that Adam and Eve were going to sin, why did he make them that way?

Or, why did God allow sin in the world?

These questions came from the Sunday School class last week, and they are good questions.  When we read the Bible, and hear how God intended to make things, and how sin has polluted God’s creation and led to untold suffering, we do want to know why God has let things happen this way.

But its a question where the answer we can give is not the type of answer we really want to hear.  Because what we want to hear is exactly how it all balances out.  We want to be able to judge for ourselves – here and now – where God has done it the right way.

And the only answer we can really have is that nothing has taken God by surprise, and that it is actually worth it for God to have allowed sin into the world.

To be perfectly frank, that is a hard answer to take.  It actually requires that we leave it up to God, and trust him and his plan for things.

It becomes an answer that is possible to take when we look and see what God has done to make this plan the way it is.  The death of Jesus – the second person of the Trinity (on a side note, I had assumed that this was a pretty standard description of who makes up the Trinity – The Father being the first person, Jesus being the second, and The Spirit being the third.  But I used this terminology with some senior ministers I know, and it seems like they had not heard it before, so I don’t know how common it actually is).

God loves us so much that he became a human being and died to redeem us.  This fact alone should make it possible for us to trust that God knows this way is the best way for us to exist, as it cost him so much.

Beyond that, this is a question we aren’t going to get a more detailed answer to until Jesus returns, and we see in person how the whole plan works out in the end, rather than just seeing it part way through as we do now.

When you struggle with this, and other questions, look to Jesus for the reassurance you need to be able to trust God.

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