A new perspective

A was taken flying today.  I even got to do the ‘steering’ for quite a bit.

For someone with a largely sedentary job, which involves a lot of writing, speaking and thinking, I sometimes get to do slightly different things.  Placing lambs in the cradle for marking, riding in tractors, and today, flying.

And I’m not one of these people who are always getting insights into stuff while they are doing something.  All of my attention was taking up with looking at things.  Most of the time, I didn’t recognise anything at all.  And yet, every now and then I could work out where I was.

Home – from a very different perspective.

It was much harder to recognise things because I was seeing them from a perspective I don’t normally have.

And tonight, while I was thinking about how amazing it was – how attractive, and different, I did have a little bit of an insight.  Because flying when I am used to driving, is kind of like reading the Bible.

You can get used to some stories, and only ever see and understand them the way you have been told before.  In fact, for most of the Bible, we have probably only ever heard one (if any) sermons on that passage, which can make us think we are familiar with them, and know what they are all about.

But when we actually stop and read a passage – not just skim over it, but pause and ask ourselves questions about what is happening, what it means, and how it applies to us, it can be like getting in an aeroplane and seeing the same thing from a very different perspective.  It doesn’t change, but we learn something more, sometimes more profound, sometimes broader, about that passage.

The more effort we put into looking at God’s word, the more we can see and grow in knowledge, understanding, and faith.

You don’t have to ride a plane to do that.  You don’t need to go to Bible college, or read a commentary.  You just have to pick one passage, even one you know, and read.  Read, and ask yourself questions, and let God’s word do its work.

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