Why did God create fleas?

This question popped up the other day.  It could have been one of any similar questions: why did God create mosquitoes/sharks/poisonous snakes/spiders?

We see something we don’t like, something that might cause pain or death, something that we can’t see any good use or purpose in, and we can’t imagine why God made it.

There may well be biologists or zoologists who can explain exactly what function these creatures fulfil in the whole ecosystem, and why no other creature fulfils that particular role.  Maybe they can’t, but you think that there must be an answer in there somewhere..

You may speculate that God didn’t originally create these creatures this way, that they were somehow different before the Fall.

Those might sound like good ideas, and seem logical, but they really both rely on a bunch of assumptions.

I don’t know the answer to the question, but I do know that one day I will have an answer because I’ll be in God’s presence through faith in Jesus.

And this frees me to not know the answer to everything.

There are things I work very hard at understanding the answer to, and there are things I don’t really care if I know or not.  But I can live with not knowing some things because of what I do know: God loves me, and came as a human being to die in my place so I could be with him forever.

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